(For a detailed version of the problems of the fashion industry, potential solutions and our contribution, please change the language to "german" and use a translating software).

Short version: The problems of the fashion industry.

The production of clothing takes place under inhumane working conditions, involves labour exploitation, waste of resources, extreme pollution and overproduction.

Our vision:

Our vision is to develop new technology to solve the problems of the fashion industry in the long term. At the same time, we want to offer the best possible premium streetwear clothing, with the best designs, cuts and in the highest quality.

In the best case, clothing will be produced in the future from 100% recycled material and with fully automated production.

We invest part of the profit in research and development.

By buying from us, you help to accelerate the development of new technologies.

Our key benefits:

Organic cotton:

Fair trade organic cotton, produced in an environmentally friendly way, without the use of pesticides, requires up to 90% less water in production compared to conventionally produced cotton. Buying a hoodie from us saves up to 10,000l of water.

Fair wages:

The second deciding factor for us: fairly paid workers. Our clothes are made by workers with fair wages and under fair working conditions. This means a future with real prospects for the workers' families. Blanks before they are finished by us certified by the FairWear Foundation. (The final product is not certified)

100% sell-out guarantee:

In the fashion industry, it is common practice to directly dispose of unsold, partially new and unworn garments if they do not sell. We have a 100% sell-off guarantee. There is no overproduction and no waste of resources.

Made with 100% renewable energy:

The energy needed to make the clothes is 100% renewable and used throughout the process from growing to processing to packaging and transport.

No plastic waste in packaging:

Packaging material and thank you card made from 100% recycled material. Every avoidable piece of plastic is avoided.

Shop with us now and become part of the solution